LeGrand Headwaters Ranch

LeGrand Headwaters Ranch since opening it's commercial hunting program in 2008 is proud of it's 100% shot opportunity for all types of deer.  The success rate is 95% with a 5% failure due to "buck fever". What a problem to have!


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This huge trophy buck is the same one on the header of our website.  We had been watching him for a couple of years to allow him to mature and spread his "genes".  The time was right for a harvest.  He had been captured on our cameras and been seen on the ranch.  But as "low-fenced" ranches hold no captive, this buck jumped over the fence and was harvested by our neighbor.  Congratulations!  He scored 166 inches of antler.  The good news, there will be more bucks with his genetics

The Bucks Stop Here

Welcome Deer Hunters  

MONSTER WHITETAIL BUCK on low-fenced LeGrand Headwaters Ranch. Read the full story and see all the pictures on our LeGrand Headwaters Ranch Blogspot

This big buck was harvested in 2015.  The father to this deer is seen below in the picture.  Yes good things do happen to those waiting.  When low-fenced whitetail deer are harvested, it is a consequence of many decisions:  Aging, food, water, management programs, neighbors on management programs and especially habitat.  LeGrand Headwaters Ranch is committed to providing a great habitat for all wildlife and cattle.  

What Does LeGrand Headwaters Ranch Offer That Other Ranches Do Not, Or Have Failed To Mention?
  • SIZE...22 CONTIGUOUS SECTIONS:  We are a low-fenced 14,200 acres. Protein feeding is done in the center of the ranch, to draw whitetail deer onto our habitat. All hunting is located within minutes from the lodge.
  • DOGS...Sweet Dogs: Until they meet a HOG! 
  • DOGS...Multi-tasking dogs:  Wearing GPS collars, they lead us to that lost trophy whitetail deer.  No need to wait to hire dogs from far away.
  • BEAUTY...This ranch is just about as pretty as it gets this far west.  Oak trees are in every pasture feeding the deer.  Ten miles west and you are in mesquite flats and oil wells. 
  • LODGE...The Headwaters Lodge completed in 2012 will sleep up to 36 people.
  • WATER...Our animals are never over ½ mile from sparse west Texas water.  
  • FEED...We feed protein, corn and alfalfa year round; making food available during the droughts. 
  • LIMITED HUNTERS...Low impact hunting cost more, but the rewards are great.
  • MANAGED HABITAT...During droughts years cattle are removed early so as not to destroy what grass and forbs remain. 
  • Cattle ranching...Yes this is necessary for a good habitat for white-tailed deer.  The cattle eat the grasses allowing the forbs to grow for the deer.
  • TPWD... Managed Lands Deer Permits This ranch is MLD Level III, because of our intense management program. Rifle reason is from the beginning of October through the end of February. You keep your deer tags. We maintain a healthy white-tailed deer herd and habitat.
  • ERNIE KAISER RANCH MANAGER... guide and cook. True cowboy, sportsman and jokester.  He makes barbeque better than Julia Child can make a soufflé.
  • FUN...Camaraderie, storytelling and laughter are all part of the experience.
  • MEAT PROCESSING ROOM & WALK-IN-COOLER...Ready to care for your game.
  • EASY ACCESS...Easy access from San Angelo Regional Airport and all roads are paved leading to the ranch and Headwaters Lodge.
  • FAMILY OWNED RANCH...We care. We are invested whole heartily in the program, guests, service, range management, and long term deer quality. 

Well, there it is in a nutshell—just being honest; We maintain this ranch and a whitetail or white-tailed deer hunting program to offer you top quality deer,  the best whitetail deer this land can produce on low-fenced lands.  This managed deer program is never cheap. Great hunting is never cheap—never was, never will be.  Whether you're looking to harvest a management deer or a true free-range trophy deer, look no further. Our new, unique lodge will provide everything you need to make your stay outstanding and comfortable. Rest in fine style on new beds and wake up refreshed.  End your day around a relaxing pit fire, wonderful food, a game of shuffle board, cards or watch your favorite football team on the big screen TV.  Discover the hidden fireplace.
Back to the supplemental feeding:  Why do it?  The answer is in the antlers!  In the 30 years of ownership, we have seen the antlers steadily increase in size.  Large antlered deer are now harvested.  A huge improvement over the “little basket” antlers harvested in the 1990's. 

  • Our whitetail deer herd is exceptional for this area.
  • We are a family owned ranch and hunting service. We take pride in our ranching operation, hunting opportunities and the desire to serve our clients.
  • Our Free-Range bucks are top quality (115-140) for this area and conditions.
  • Every year big ones have been seen or harvested in the high 140’s, 150’s and 160’s
  • Feeding the whitetail deer also provides food for the Rio Grande turkeys and makes a great turkey hunting location.
  • We can’t compete with high-fenced-genetically-improved deer, but we can offer quality deer, superior services and relaxation in one of the most outstanding unique personally owned lodges in the area.


TOP QUALITY SERVICE—a true Texas experience on a real family owned working cattle ranch
Let us know what we can do for you.

The internet is great-Trophy Whitetail Deer are easy to find 

By now you have searched websites and have learned: 
That many outfitters' & ranch owners' whitetail deer hunting and spring turkey hunting packages are comparable for this region of Texas.  The variables might include:

  • 3 Days hunting-----4 Days hunting-----5 Days hunting
  • Discounts-----Add-ons
  • Full services-----No-frills
  • Guide fees 
  • No Guests-----Guests fees
  • Non-hunter fees-----Hunters Only

There are a wide range of selling prices for whitetail deer:

$25,000 for a genetically improved whitetail deer - $16,000 for a high fenced whitetail deer - $5,000 for a trophy whitetail deer

  • We are here to assist you and give you the BEST hunting experience