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LeGrand Headwaters Ranch since opening it's commercial hunting program in 2008 is proud of it's 100% shot opportunity for all types of deer.  The success rate is 95% with a 5% failure due to "buck fever". What a problem to have!


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Matt Shorter said:  8-18-2022
I had a great time hunting with Ernie and hanging out with his family! Thank you Kody for cooking for us every day, the food was amazing, as are you! The property and lodge are top shelf and I cant wait to come back. I would recommend contacting LHR if you want to experience an unbelievable hunting experience. It was a complete joy to spend time here. Thanks Kody, Ernie and kids for all you did for me during my stay. 


The Williams Family said: October 28, 2021 8:45 PM  
My husband and I brought our two older children, Bella and Wyatt for a whitetail doe hunt at the LeGrand Headwaters Ranch. The hunt, guide, and lodge was far more than we expected and hoped for, it was an excellent experience! We all enjoyed ourselves immensely. Both the kids tagged out and had the best time both hunting and hanging out at the lodge. The lodge was clean, spacious, unique, and beautiful. The ranch is beautiful, well-kept and well thought out. The vast amount of different animals we saw was just awesome. The hunt was amazing; Ernie was amazing with the kids. He was thoughtful, helpful, and guided them through the experience with ease. Ernie is an amazing guide and host, and his wife, Kody, is a great cook and hostess. Our bounty was well taken care of, packed and iced down for our trip home. I could not have asked for a better experience! Ernie and his family were a joy to be with and I know my family and I will be back soon! 
Elwood R. Kotil said:  November 21st, 2018  10:04pm​​

My buddy and I just got home from our whitetail doe bow hunt. It far exceeded my expectations. We both scored and we were constantly watching buck/doe interaction both morning and afternoon. The numerous trophy size bucks kept getting in the way of our efforts to take a shot at the does. Tough problem to handle but we finally over came those ornery bucks and and got our does! Ernie Kaiser is flat out the finest hunting guide/ramrod that I have ever been around. He totally delivered one of the greatest hunting/viewing experiences I have ever been part of! The lodge is second to none and we even got to meet Bob LeGrand who presented us with cool LHR hunting caps. Ernie sent us home with professionally quartered iced down deer for our trip back. We can not wait until our next LHR adventure! 


John Wheeler Allen said:   November 20th, 2015 2:30 am
Mrs. LeGrand, I just wanted to take this time to thank you and your husband again. I enjoyed my time on the ranch and appreciate the excellent hospitality as well as the chance to see some great deer! Thanks again, look forward to coming back soon! Thanks Wheeler Allen

Wayne Cooper said:   November 20th, 2015 2:29 am
I had a great time making memories hunting at the ranch, Mr. Bob and yourself are great host. I enjoy hunting with Ernie because he loves hunting. He kept asking me if I was up for walking and rattling after the morning hunts.I enjoyed every moment of it, but what made it even better was he was enjoying it as much as I did. Thanks to all of you again...Ernie took me out mid-morning in a light rain and we set up several times rattling as we walked through the oaks and cedar bushes. We came across a mature buck and tried to rattle him in closer, the rattling appeared to make him tear into an oak limb and scrape then started to leave. We backed out and got out in front of him, sat up next to a tree and waited. He came into an opening between the trees at 140 yards and stopped long enough to get a shot at him off of the shooting sticks. I put him in the scope, squeezed the trigger and watched him buck, take off running leaning heavy until he disappeared behind the tall grass. Ernie started to celebrate, but I told him I would wait until I put my hands on him. When we crossed the creek bed and walked up on him he was a 10 point with a small kicker and Ernie aged him at 5 ½ years. Every deer on my wall has a story with it, this one may be the best story to date. Thank you all again for the hospitality. Wayne Cooper Vice President Brister-Stephens, Inc.

Wayne Cooper said:   December 31st, 2014 3:05 am
The reason I chose to hunt your ranch was that I didn't want to hunt a high fence, it removes the element of what hunting is about. I learn something every time I hunt and I also make mistakes to learn from. What I learned this time was its not always about the inches of antler, it has a lot to do with the experience. Believe me when I say I thoroughly enjoyed the hospitality, as owners of the ranch Bob and yourself were very good hosts. When I wasn't hunting I was riding along with Ernie and Mickey feeding cows, fixing busted water pipes, checking cameras and shooting at targets at the range. I never felt so welcome at any of the prior ranches. I had a great time and who knows if I come back one day I might get a bigger deer...

Scott Reed said:   December 30th, 2014 9:00 pm
Mr. and Mrs. LeGrand, I just wanted to thank the both of you along with everybody at LHR for a fantastic time. This by far was the most unbelievable experience Emilie and I have ever had. The weeks counting down to our trip.....well lets just say I was a little nervous. Though we have hunted together since Emilie was 4 years old, we have never been on a hunting trip. Pat Epling said we were going to have a hunt of a lifetime on this trip but I couldn't help from being a little nervous. On the afternoon we arrived, we met with Ernie and David and got our suitcases put into our rooms and then went to the shooting range. Sometime during this brief period all my nervousness and uncertainty went away and a feeling of family settled in. All during our stay at LHR the "Family feeling" is what stood out all the time. From Ernie taking us hunting, riding the ranch, putting Emilie on a the conversations we Mr. LeGrand showing Emilie how to drive a stick all the wonderful the companionship with the other hunters........It was all about family. Unfortunately, with all I am going through at this time family is the most important thing to me.......Thank you for letting us be a part of your family. Ernie....I can not say enough about Mr. Ernie. The man is awesome. I almost thought Mr. Ernie and Emilie were brother and sister the way they acted sometimes. He has the ability to make you feel at ease while also making sure we had the best time ever. I mailed the pictures to you and also to our hunting buddies from Mississippi today. Hope you enjoy the pictures. When I get the movie done I will mail you a copy. If the offer for the Spring Turkey Hunt still stands please count us in. God bless and again thank you for a wonderful time. Scott Reed

Rodney Rice said:   December 30th, 2014 8:55 pm
We had a blast. The boys and I had great bonding and were able to escape the big city rat race for a while. The hunting was just a bonus! Mickey and Ernie were great and are a awesome Asset to the experience. You and big Daddy Bob visiting and helping with hunts was not expected and added even more. Again it was a fun experience that we plan on repeating. The next time I'm sure our confidence in understanding the age of the deer will have improved. Please keep us on the emails,hope to see you guys again Soon!

Bill Hodson said:   June 20th, 2014 12:43 am
Thank you so much for the donated 4-H Hog hunt. My friends and I had a great time and even though we were not successful in harvesting a hog we truly enjoyed our visit. Your Ranch Manager, Ernie Kaiser is top notch and worked tirelessly trying to get us on hogs. I have hunted for nearly 50 years and his engagement with your clients is excellent...and that is truly what hunting is all about. You have a beautiful place and I can tell you take great pride in the experience you provide. Thank you Bill Hodson

Ben and Melanie Cramer said:  November 1, 2013

My husband Ben Cramer booked a hunt 11-1-13 thru 11-4-13.  We wanted to let you know the service was super, very professional.  Ernie was very personable and did the hard work skun the deer and quartered it. Very good service and always helpful.   Gary also was a good guide & always helped.
The food was excellent,  Mickey & Ruth got up early every morning at 4:30 to make sure there was breakfast for the hunters  when they got up.  They always had snacks & drinks there.  Cooked meals ready when the hunters got in from hunting usually at 8:00 to 9:00 p. 
Everyone made me feel special as one of the few women there.  I was always insisted to be the first on in the food line.  Mikey would always serve dessert to me.  Very nice.
Very nice lodge & very impressive & rustic & clean.  The bathrooms & the bedroom was very clean. 
Everyone was nice & fun.  We'll never forget the kindness and we'll never forget Mickey, Ruth, Ernie, Gary & Ernie's family & the guys that was on the hunt.  They made an impression on us.  We definitely would recommend to others a hunt. Tell everyone Ben & I said hi.
Thanks,  Ben & Melanie Cramer


Greg Cardamone said: November 11, 2013

Absolutely the best hunting experience of my lifetime. The hunting was excellent the accommodations were great. Ernie was prepared for us in every way and did an excellent job looking after the entire operation. Gary worked hard to help all of us and me especially. For all of us to get a deer was exceptional and exceeded our expectations on a free range hunt. Sorry we didn't get to meet you and your husband and thank you in person. To pick a hunt based off the internet and get this experience was a true blessing.
I can't thank you enough. And I almost forgot that French chef was awesome. Seriously Mickey was a joy and we had great fun with him.

Clay Andrews said:   December 6th, 2012 11:01 am
I just wanted to make a post and thank Ernie and my guide Ryan for having us out last week at the ranch. What a very memorable trip that I will never forget! I want to start off saying what a awesome lodge and facility's that you have built for your guest!!! We got to experience the hog hunt at night with dogs that is a must for anyone that has not experienced that!! Got to experience the Texas whitetail rattling that everyone talks about and tag a nice whitetail deer! I would definitely recommend this trip to anyone that is looking to get away and experience the outdoors and is looking to have a great time! Look forward to coming back next year and doing it all over again and especially eating some of Ernie's smoked meet off the grill!!!

Brad Whigham said:   December 27th, 2011 11:59 pm
We had a great time at the ranch!!! We had people fly in from Virginia, Tennessee and California; as well as drive in from Houston. The ranch was beautiful and the hospitality second to none. My son (13) shot his first deer with a bow and is looking forward to coming back for a buck next year. If youâ??ve never hunted hogs with dogs this was a BLAST and a must do add on to any hunt.

Fred and Steven Diaz said:   November 8th, 2011 9:10 pm
Great ranch, beautiful property, excellent living quarters, easily accessible via commercial flights, awesome hunts with great game to harvest and, most importantly, Kodie and Ernie provide fantastic host hospitality and hunting guides. All said, a perfect place to hunt and enjoy the great outdoors for people of all ages. My 17 year old had a blast harvesting his first buck...a 10 point buck at that. Fred Diaz President and CEO Ram Trucks

Danny and Kay Roshong said:   November 24th, 2010 12:30 am
A big "thank you" to Ronald and Anita Jeane for inviting us on this hunt. The lodging accomodations were perfect and thanks to Cody for the delicious meal waiting on us after a fabulous day of hunting. There was always something new and exciting happening on each hunt. Ernie truly knows the ranch--plenty of deer to see and kill! Ernie and Gary were great guides! Thanks especially to the Legrand's for providing everyone with a place to truly enjoy the great outdoors!! This was our first guided hunt and we surely look forward to doing it again. We had an awesome time!!!!


Ronald & Anita Jeane said:   November 22nd, 2010 9:30 pm
LHR's "Management Hunt" was everything and more than we expected. Our "party" was extremely pleased with the outcome. We tagged some very nice mature bucks and does. Every hunt was as exciting as the previous one. Lodging, food and hospitality were "top shelf". Ernie and Gary were super guides. We all had a "Le Grand" time! 

Ronald & Anita Jeane from Louisiana said:   May 4th, 2010 12:37 am
We just got back from an incredible hunt and weekend at LHR. The bluebonnets were just gorgeous! And the turkey hunting was to dream for! Ernie was great. Accomodations and hospitality were the best. Bob and Jean Ann LeGrand really made us feel right at home. LHR has the turkeys! Don't have the room to say how awesome this place is!

Teri Covert said:   March 16th, 2010 6:37 pm
What a wonderful place. You will never have a better guide or better hosts at any Texas hunting ranch. Oh and the turkey; I've never seen so many turkey in one place! A great adventure!

Jared Hohensee said:   March 10th, 2010 8:39 am
This looks like an experience of a lifetime!!!

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