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LeGrand Headwaters Ranch since opening it's commercial hunting program in 2008 is proud of it's 100% shot opportunity for all types of deer.  The success rate is 95% with a 5% failure due to "buck fever". What a problem to have!


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This trophy whitetail deer was harvested by Devin Sweeney of South Jordan, Utah.  He represents Sportsman's Warehouse.  The cold weather in Texas had quite an effect on the whitetail deer.  The deer were out moving and were easily seen.  This deer was seen jumping a fence from a count road.  Devin and his guide drove into the pasture, parked the truck and stalked the deer.  Devin was excited to find this deer with such a wide spread of antlers.  The buck was a massive 160 lbs, which is big for this area of west Texas.  His main beams were 21 inches.  This trophy whitetail deer scored 138BC Gross-160 lbs.-6.5 years old-10 points. 

Welcome Hunters

Trophy Whitetail Buck killed on 12-5-2013 by Gabe Nassar from Miami, Florida.  Gabe represents Intex Apparel Corporation .  This buck was a main frame 8 point with a kicker on his right G2.  This buck weighed in at 140 lbs field dressed, and was 4.5 years old.  When Gabe arrived at his hunting location this buck was bedded down behind an oak tree trying to stay out of the cold.  

In less tham 45 seconds the deer stood up and Gabe shot him.  He said he was in the blind less than a minute before he was gathering up to go look at his trophy deer.  Not too bad on a very cold west Texas morning.  This trophy whitetail buck scored 119 BC Gross-140lbs-4.5 years old-8 point.

2013 Whitetail Deer Hunt Report

Mossy Oak Deer Camp 2013-Trophy Whitetail 

Guests:  Scott Orlinsky,  Gabe Nasser,  Jeff Johnson,  Tom Sega,  Tim Jensen,  Chad Collins,  Josh Reed,  
Devin Sweeney, and  Mike Fisher​

years, and has left his genes to carry on his legend of "Billy Buck".This trophy whitetail scored 144BC Gross-150 lbs-5.5 years old-9 points.

Tom Sega of Duluth Minnosota, harvested the Trophy Whitetail in weather just like "home" on 12-6-2013.  He represents Duluth Pack .  Tom and this trophy whitetail were avoiding each other for four hunting sessions. This buck had been seen in the area for 5 to 6 consecutive days but did not show for Tom.  The buck had crossed over into another pasture.  Tom, unwilling to give up on this bucks' home territory, chose to stay put and was rewarded 30 minutes before the hunting day would end.This trophy whitetail scored 133 4/8 BC Gross-145 lbs.-5.5 years old- 8 points.

Not a problem...Scott dropped this deer on site.  Perfect shot, right through the lungs and heart.. The buck fell in his tracks.  This whitetail buck scored 115 BC Gross-135 lbs- 6.5 years old 7point.

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Management Whitetail Deer killed on 12-5-2013 by Scott Orlinsky of Miami, Florida.  Scott represents Neoptix.  Although Scott looks calm in this photo, he was quite excited to harvest his first Texas Whitetail buck.  

He shot his first gun only three hours before as he took his first target practice shots.  Three young whitetail bucks came to the feeder and teased Scott with a lesson in waiting.  This trophy buck came into view right on que. Scott, with approval and confirmation from his guide, placed the gun out the window and made a perfect shot.  Earlier he had asked how far will the deer run if shot.

Josh Reed of Rockville, Maryland proudly displays this huge Trophy Whitetaildeer harvested on 12-8-2013. Josh represents Under Armour.  This west Texas deer was spotted sunning and warming on a side of a hill. Josh and his guide stalked him and made a shot of about 100 yards.  The buck had been seen the evening before about a half mile away.  The G2s  were 13 1/2 inches long with an 18 inch spread.  He was nicked named "Billy Buck", desired by many for the last two 

Trophy whitetail deer harvested by Tim Jensen from Riverton, Utah on 12-7-2013.  Tim arrived from Riverton, traveling and rerouting because of closed airports.  Tim represents Sportsmans Warehouse.  Tim has a smile on his face just because he was glad to be in Texas.

He was to arrive on December 5, but airports were closed due to the "Icemageddon 2013".  A day and a half later, he finally caught a flight from Phoenix to San Antonio, Texas, drove to the ranch (3 hours) and arrived at 3:00AM.  He was awake at 5:30AM went hunting and killed this deer that morning. This trophy whitetail buck scored 136 7/8 BC Gross-135 lbs-5.5 years old-10 points.

Chad Collins of Northridge, California killed this management whitetail deer on 12-8-2013. Chad represents Mechanix Wear.This buck, although a management buck, proved to have a nice set of antlers.The hunting day had warmed slightly with clear blue skies.  Note his gloves! They are his "tool that fits like a glove". This management whitetail buck scored 97 4/8 BC Gross-110 lbs-3.5 years-6 points.

Trophy Whitetail Buck harvested by Jeff Johnson representing Flambeau.  

This trophy buck was killed on one of the coldest winter days 12-6-2013.  It was wet and sleeting.

Although this was a small bodied deer it had an unusual split on the right G3.  

This trophy whitetail deer scored 125BC Gross-125 lbs-4.5 years old- 11 points. 

Mike Fisher harvested this management buck on 12-8-2013 on the LeGrand Headwaters Ranch.  Mike is from Medina, Ohio and represents Flambeau.  Although this was a management buck, he was a nice and healthy animal.  He had a main frame 8 with a kicker off the brow tine.  Mike thought he was shut out of harvesting a management deer this year.  He hunted four days without a kill. Due to the icy conditions at San Angelo Regional Airport and the cancellation of flights, Mike was granted an extra evening hunt. He decide to hide in the brush, and this buck appeared, and was killed in the last hour of daylight.  This whitetail deer scored 115BC Gross-120lbs-4.5 years old-8 point.