LeGrand Headwaters Ranch

LeGrand Headwaters Ranch since opening it's commercial hunting program in 2008 is proud of it's 100% shot opportunity for all types of deer.  The success rate is 95% with a 5% failure due to "buck fever". What a problem to have!


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Whitetail Deer Hunting

LeGrand Headwaters Ranch 

is lightly hunted and carefully managed to produce mature trophy bucks. With 14,200 acres, it will consistently produce trophy whitetail deer in the 120's-140's range and also produce deer in the 150's-160's. We aim to keep our prices low. But we have made a choice to invest in feeding protein, corn and alfalfa. This is costly, but ultimately it benefits all. With the year-round feeding schedule, the abundance of acorns, and water supplies within every 1/2 mile, this ranch produces outstanding numbers of mature "fair-chase" whitetail deer trophy bucks. The big bucks are out there. They are wiser and more difficult to hunt.

Yes, the price is steep for these whitetail trophy bucks, and the price is higher than a hunting lease, or on ranches that do not supply a constant source of food year round. An experienced outfitter, rancher and guide stated, "Quality deer hunting can never be cheap. Never has been, never will be." Our whitetail hunts are not guaranteed. It is truly a hunt with satisfaction  for the entire hunting experience, especially when you connect with that trophy...Wow.

Thank you for choosing LHR Adventures and the LeGrand Headwaters Ranch. You are important to us. We strive to provide you with first class VIP service. That is our policy: Providing first class service to the most important people we will ever meet, our customers.
A 5 day/ 4 night hunt consists of this schedule:  SCHEDULE 

Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunt 
Same hunt different options


Other Whitetail Hunts:

This is the top of the line. You will have the opportunity to kill ANY MATURE buck on the ranch. There is a certain excitement of not knowing what buck decides to show up that day. Making that perfect shot is all up to you. We will give you the best hunt opportunity. The same opportunity as the people that have harvested the big bucks off this ranch. You will see many bucks in the 120's-140's range.  We have seen the big bucks, they are there. That buck could have traveled 20 miles to get here. This low-fenced ranch is fair chase hunting. It is not unusual for a 150-160s buck to suddenly appear.

Under our deer program, the bucks are allowed to age to achieve the maximum antler growth for our clients. This takes patience, and a keen ability to age the animals “on the hoof”. Your guide will be the best at both with a sincere effort to find you the best deer available. We harvest 5.5 year old deer and older.  

  • Choice of ANY MATURE buck on the Ranch
  • Two Doe
  • Typical lodging consists of 5 days and 4 nights. 
  • Lodging-Meals  --  Cook fee $200 per day
  • Or provide your own food and enjoy cooking in the fully equipped kitchen
  • Guide Fee $200 per day per person
  • LeGrand Headwaters Ranch cap

Deposit 50% of total    
Call for hunting combination opportunities and fees.​

Ernie 325-234-4155  

This buck appeared to be the winner from 2011.  We watched him for two years.  We waited for him to sow his seeds.  He was caught on camera several times, almost hit on the highway by Ernie, and we believe he was killed one ranch to the west of us.  This is the same buck on the header of each page. 

Other Whitetail Hunts

Most of our clients enjoy the MANAGEMENT HUNT. This hunt is designed for anyone that enjoys deer hunting. These bucks are beautiful animals and the thrill is just the same.  Some people have never seen so many whitetail bucks or doe.  Over the years the quality of these animals has improved under our year-round deer feeding program and management. These bucks are considered management bucks because of the antler configuration, or lack of certain tines. Harvesting these bucks helps us improve the overall herd quality as we work towards a superior Trophy Buck. A Typical Buck hunt is a Full Service Hunt. For more information please take a look at our other FULL SERVICE HUNTS.


This makes a great hunt. The thrill of the chase, and Buck Fever are still a factor in making a great shot. First time bow hunter. Challenge your skills with this hunt. One buck and two doe.
Buck Choice Determined by Guide

  • 4 days/ 3 nights Headwaters Lodge
  • One buck and two doe
  • Lodging - Meals 
  • Cook fee $200 per day
  • One guide is provided for each session. If more than two hunters in session - Additional guides $175 per day
  • Full Service Hunt


BUCK-SPIKE - $1,000

Have a first time hunter? This is perfect. Create a desire to come back and get a bigger buck and continue to enjoy the outdoors. These bucks eat just as much as the other dudes. See the picture below. This young man's first buck was a spike. He learned to enjoy the outdoors, sharpened his shooting skills and hunting techniques, was patient and now he holds the ranch record. Well worth the wait. Includes Spikes, 3 point bucks with no brow tines only.

  • Two spike bucks: Spikes defined as 2 points 4 inches or greater
  • 3 days/ 2 nights Headwaters Lodge
  • Lodging-Meals
  • Cook fee $200 per day
  • All services included except Guide - $175 per day for guide-this hunt would need a guide for two days


Doe Package - $1,000

Have a first time hunter? This is perfect. Enjoy the outdoors, sharpen your shooting skills and hunting techniques.

  • Two doe
  • 3 days/ 2 nights Headwaters Lodge 
  • Lodging-Meals
  • One guide is provided for each session. If more than two hunters in session - Additional guides $175 per day
  • Cook Fee $200 per day
  • All services included except Guide - $175 per day for guide-this hunt would need a guide for two days




2003:This buck was harvested in 2003 late December. Seen from a bow blind, the inexperienced archer was so excited he decided to convert to a rifle for a sure shot. Three hunting days later the buck reappeared. A camera was not available, therefore pictures were not taken on the ranch, but instead in a front yard. This past year new photos were taken using the mount.

This buck had never been seen before that day. His travels took him one ranch too far. His BC gross score was 160 4/8. We call him the "Big Boy". Big Boy for his antler size and mass had a very small body. Unfortunately he was aged at only 3 1/2 years old by the taxidermist. It was at the end of the rut and he sowed his worth while traveling the ranch.

Note the skull cap of a spike in his right hand. That was his first buck.

And now the rest of the story...This buck was harvested one ranch over.  He scored 166 inches of antler.  This is the best buck from all around this area.  Too bad he jumped over the fence.  But congratulations to our neighbor.  He is beautiful and he sowed his "seeds" for many years.