LeGrand Headwaters Ranch

LeGrand Headwaters Ranch since opening it's commercial hunting program in 2008 is proud of it's 100% shot opportunity for all types of deer.  The success rate is 95% with a 5% failure due to "buck fever". What a problem to have!


Mailing Address:
7669 South Hwy 277
San Angelo, Texas 76904
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(325) 234-4155 Ernie
(432) 296-0166 Jamon
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Welcome Hunters  

Mossy Oak crew with Charlie O'Brien (Catcher Mets/Blue Jays/Brewers/Braves/White Sox) and Ronnie "Cuz" Strickland, VP of  Media Services and Public Relations Mossy Oak.

Mossy Oak and Haas Outdoors treat their clients to an unforgettable experience on this ranch.  We offer our full time employee to assist and help in all circumstances. We will do the same for you and your company.  

Do you want to entertain some clients?  This is the place.  You need something, we will get it for you.  We offer all services free of charge including airport shuttle.  No need to rent a car.   Injured... (Hope never) but just-in-case, we are connected to the Shannon Medical Center Medi-Vac Helicopter Data Base.  We offer top notch VIP service.  We value your business and we want you to return.  We offer free Wi-Fi, Direct TV, target practice, skinning, packing of meat, or delivery of the trophy to the taxidermist.  Need your meat frozen for the trip home...done.   Want to donate the meat to needy families...done.  Need to ship something, or package it to take on the plane; we will take care of it. 

Book early as we do sell out. 

We offer the best hunting around. We feed the animals all year long, have more than adequate water supply, and most of all, we limit the number of hunters to create a situation of no-pressure hunting. This is a quality hunt.  That is our goal.  

"Great ranch, beautiful property, excellent living quarters, easily accessible via commercial flights, awesome hunts with great game to harvest and, most importantly, Kodie and Ernie provide fantastic host hospitality and hunting guides.  All said, a perfect place to hunt and enjoy the great outdoors for people of all ages.  My 17 year old had a blast harvesting his first buck...a 10 point buck at that.

"Fred Diaz President and CEO Ram Trucks

We offer opportunities for your business to enjoy this vast 22 section ranch and totally unique lodge accommodations. First rate lodge, you bet!  You will be housed in the new Headwaters Lodge. This lodge accommodates 36 people and the complex can house 26 additional people. 

Discuss corporate plans, the economy, sports, it is up to you.  Relax with your buddies around a roaring mesquite wood fire in the evenings.  Trade tall tales and enjoy the camaraderie of your friends.  We offer some of the best hunting opportunities in all of west Texas.  Our success rate is near 95%.  And most of the failure is due to BUCK FEVER.

We offer as a bonus our  SECRET WEAPONS. Very few outfitters, ranches, or guides can offer dogs like  ROSIE, DIXIE, HANK, and PEPPER.  

Yes, they ARE  the weapons.  Unbeatable in hog hunting, or finding your fallen deer. These "agents" of the ranch are equipped with GPS collars and Kevlar vests.  They can tree the hog and FIND your trophy deer. 

We are a low pressure hunting ranch.  We limit the number of hunters and only harvest the recommended numbers for that year.   We take pride in our managed animal herds of Whitetail deer, Axis and Black Bucks. This west Texas deer hunting is outstanding. With a strict game management program that includes year-round feeding of alfalfa, corn and protein, and with strict harvest standards, we offer high success rates and trophy quality deer.  

Let us take care of you for days of relaxation, friendship, food, hunting, and storytelling.  There is plenty of room inside, outside and on the range. Misty or raining, no problem.  Our covered pavilion offers outside enjoyment without getting wet.  Need a break from the cell phone.  You got it.  Cell service is scant in this area. Don't worry, for we offer free long-distance phone calls and free Wi-Fi internet.

Corporate Opportunities